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Happy New Year 2020

Do you do New Years resolutions?
I don't. I'm just going to break them anyway.
I never do the "New Year New Me" thing.

I'm only as good as what I put the work into - right? If I want to get healthy, I'll put the work into it, regardless of a silly resolution. 
I'd rather just go into the new year with a plan that I know is achievable.
I know that sounds like a new years resolution, huh?
But I don't give up anything for Lent either, so....

I know what I want out of my 2020, and I will work to get it.
And I wish the same for anyone reading this.

2020 is:

And my 2019 was rough... I'm hoping for a much kinder and much gentler 2020!

You do You

Every have one of those weeks where you are determined to make it work, and then it just... doesn't?

Yeah, that was this week for me. I was sure I was going to make it through the holiday week with no hiccups. But that didn't happen. And I'm not going to beat myself up about it either. I had a tough 2019, and I will be glad to usher in 2020.
Yes, I enjoyed too many cookies over the last week.
But my days were also filled with family, relaxing, and holiday cheer.
And I don't think I ate as many cookies as I usually do. But maybe I didn't get in my water every day.

I was catching up on #GH from this past week, when Jason Morgan graced my screen. And my motivation for getting back on track was front and center. After all, he is the face of Burton Nutrition. And that is the plan that helped me drop the first 35lbs.
I need to replenish my protein powder inventory, then I can ring in 2020 with a new plan.
My goals are to get to the gym at least once a week and to lose 5…

We can do this

Christmas week is almost here. For me, this means lots of delicious cookies in my house. And I proved this week that I can't be trusted around cookies right now. (my mother in law sent home some cookies she made and there was one of each cookie for each of us. I blew through my cookies withing a day and a lie)
But, I am determined. I wanted to meet my next weight goal by Christmas day, but that doesn't give me much time. So, I'm aiming for New Years Eve. How do I plan to accomplish this over the holiday? Well, it's only 6lbs, first of all. But, I'm going to go with the thought of starting new with each meal/snack, and drinking my water. And, I am going to attempt, er, plan to hit the gym 2-3 times a week during Christmas week and New Years week.
Obviously Christmas day will be a free day, but I will do my best to not overdo it (like I usually do. I eat so much that I feel like I'm going to pop)
I want to get back at this, and hitting this next 10lb ma…

Heading into Christmas...

I'm trying to take this week before Christmas like any other week. Just because there is cookies here doesn't mean I need to eat them. (Easier said than done, right?)
I'm drinking my water and trying to drink my shakes for lunch. Trying to get my steps (or any steps, lol) in. I bought a bunch of apples today because we all seem to be enjoying those for snacks.
I would really like to see the scale hit my next milestone by Christmas morning, but I am not sure how likely that will be. Doesn't mean I won't still try.
I've been craving salt lately, and I hate to eat anything salty because it makes me blow up like a balloon. Wonder what that means? That I want something salty?
During the holidays I just have to remember to take it one meal at a time. And not to get too down on myself. Every meal, start over. And drink my water.
I love all the goodies as much as the next guy/gal, but I think I'll try to only eat what I really enjoy this year. Why waste the calorie…
I have kind of been spinning out of control these last few days. Last week I was determined to eat right, and drop a few lbs. Well, Tuesday I had one of those "bottomless pit" kind of days. Maybe it was stress? I dunno.
Then Thursday was the same kind of day.
Add on top of that, my son got his first job. I am now adjusting to only cooking dinner for me and my husband to eat. I'm terrible at that. If it's not for all of us, I don't bother, sadly. Just something I have to adjust to.
Then Saturday we were out Christmas shopping and didn't stop to eat, by the time we were done, I was HUNGRY and cranky... (Hangry can't even describe what I was feeling!)
We had to get home so there was no time for a sit down meal, and we don't really do fast food anymore (I am to the point that none of it sounds appetizing to me except for the occasional Arbys - while I drool over McD's breakfast sandwiches on their commercials, I can't bring myself to buy one. It&#…