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Coffee Talk

Do you ever have those days where you get an idea, and you focus on it all day? Yesterday was one of those days for me.

My Dad was talking about flavored coffee creamer, and how it is really not so great for your health. I got home and it bugged me all night - because I love my flavored coffee creamer. And I'm slowly learning that it isn't very healthy for you (as tasty as it is).

Today I have spent most of my morning researching different brands of coffee creamer and their ingredients. What brand do you use? What brand do you like? Anyone have a secret recipe they created and would like to share? I am all ears!

My thought of the day is trans fats... I've narrowed it down to Califia Farms dairy free creamer. Now, the difficult part will be finding where I can buy it. I know for sure that my local grocer, that I frequent many times a week, does not carry it.

Do you use this brand? Is it any good? As soon as I find it I'll let you know...because I am very picky about my f…

Stay Positive and Keep Pushing Forward

Yes, my journey to getting healthy is going slower than I had originally planned.

My original plan was 50lbs a year for two years. Well, I am in year three now, and I am close to reaching the 40lb mark.
See? Slower than I planned.
But...that almost 40lbs is gone and hasn't been seen in 3 years. THAT is an accomplishment that I am proud of. Every little bit counts.

And it hasn't been easy. I was close to this 40lb goal right before Thanksgiving - the same week my dad had a heart attack. The stress had me not eating at first, but then the anxiety kicked in and I made a few bad food choices. I had good moments and bad moments over the next month. But those bad choices didn't define me, and here I am, back on the threshold of that small milestone.

I chose a long term goal (2 years) so the weight is easier to keep off. So I can learn how to allow myself pizza once in a while, or baked potato chips as a treat, and bread!! But learn how to eat those things without overdoing it.

Meal planning is hard

I am the first stop when it comes to how and what we eat in the Gatto house. I plan the meals, I do the shopping, then I cook the meals. (and I really don't enjoy any of it, lol)

Some weeks I really enjoy making the menu. Other weeks (like now) it just feels like work. I get tired of making and eating the same things over and over, but my idea of cooking is limited to only a few ingredients. If the recipe is too long, not only do I immediately get uninterested, but it will cost too much money to shop for that one meal. I need to plan a week so I can stay within my budgeted amount. And that can be difficult when trying to eat healthy.
Why in the world is it cheaper to buy frozen meals and chips then to buy fresh veggies and fresh lean meats? You know I'm right.
I cut out frozen/processed foods two years ago. I do buy frozen veggies (not with sauce or flavoring, just plain frozen veggies). I do occasionally buy frozen french fries, but I have attempted to make my own from fresh p…

Take the first step

My husband often picks on me because I now only eat a half of a bagel for breakfast and my coffee (with creamer - the way I like it). Half a frozen bagel.
That's because I like my bagels. And I like my coffee. And this way I can have what I enjoy, just a smaller portion. And over time, it has become enough. Yes, I have days that I think I want the other half, but I don't make it. I just drink my coffee, and as the minutes go by, I no longer want that other half.
I make sure I eat that even if I am running out to do errands.

That is one small step you can take towards getting healthy.
Not denying myself helps me not go way off my diet because I am not craving things I enjoy.
But, having my bagel (which I really enjoy) even on days I need to go do running, also keeps me from eating a bag of chips for breakfast, lol, or stopping at a fast food place.

Find something small you can change and start there. Then slowly cut back on other things. If you go out (which you should cut back…

No way.... Way!

Somehow, even with the cookies that I ate over Christmas... I didn't gain any weight!
I feel bloated and gross, but the scale doesn't lie.
At least Sunday when I get back to not eating the junk, I will be starting where I left off and not have extra weight to battle.

I can do this.

I've decided that one thing I will work for in 2020 is that I will NOT beat myself up when I have a bad food day. I will just accept it for what it was, a bad day. I will re-start at the next meal. If that means in 3 hours or the next morning, whatever.

It's easy to get down on yourself, but that just makes you fall farther down the spiral. And sometimes once you are that far down, it is tough to dig yourself out.
So I will be kinder to myself about my mistakes.
I will pull myself up, brush myself off, and start again.
I am strong, and I can do this.