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I'm Ready

One thing about getting healthy is, YOU have to be ready. No one telling you it is time to start ever works. YOU have to be the one that makes that move and really feels it in your soul. Trust me. I've started more Mondays and 1st of the months than you can imagine, and I wasn't ready so it didn't work. I've had people try to motivate me and again, that doesn't work.  I planned to start again this past Monday, but this weekend I really FELT it, I was READY. Day three and I haven't failed yet. So, I'll put that in the win column! I haven't started to exercise yet because this goofy weather has me miserable/ill with migraines and sinus issues. But making those better food choices at each meal/snack is step one. And drinking my water. Getting started is the hardest part, but I'm working it and taking it meal by meal. Two days down and a lifetime to go!  

Day One

Okay, today I am starting over (again). I put it off long enough, but up until this afternoon, I was mentally ready to do this and I had motivation to do this. I was good until lunchtime and I was at the store. I was STARVING at at the store, looking at homemade pizzas... But I persisted on. I didn't take one. I did think that maybe this weekend we would have one for dinner (I am doing the be good M-F, then can eat cheat food on the weekends).  Now, I considered eating before I went out, but it wasn't time for lunch yet, and I KNEW that by the time I got home and was STARVING that it would be too late for lunch, too close to dinner. And I was right...ugh. But I am trying to push on. I am tired of feeling like crap and having no energy. I want to do better and be better. Even if it is the hardest thing I've done since the pandemic started... I'm focusing on the fact that I am ready to do this mentally and feel motivated. Now to push through the food cravings is the next

A bit of Honesty

A bit of honesty... My biggest issue (besides motivation to start) is self-control. I like food. I have always liked food. I'm Italian, I like bread and pasta! I like chips and cookies and cake. When I was serious about Burton Nutrition in 2018, I could eat all of those things and only eat a small portion and it was enough. I am back to the place where no amount is enough. I eat one portion, I want more. I still feel hungry. I still "crave" more of what I was eating. It's miserable. Willpower is not my friend. I have to work at it. And getting started is the most difficult part. Excuses are easy. I'll start on Monday. I'll start after this sandwich. I'll start after this last piece of dessert. I'll start once the cookies are gone....and on and on. I did good in 2018. I want to get back to that. But starting is hard. Right now I am fighting that exact thing. Had a piece and a half of a sandwich for dinner. I know that was enough in my head. But my stoma

I'm back!

So, the squats didn't work out so well. I hurt something and had to wait until it was healed to start again.  But this week we are trying to get back in the swing of things. I took liberties with dinner way too many times over the last few months (while not really feeling like myself mentally) and ordered out, ordered pizza, or made a frozen pizza for dinner. Well, that's over. My dinner plans for the next two weeks include chicken, chicken, and more chicken. (Can you hear the groans from my family?) Well, I was going to make tacos one night, but the grocery store was not only out of the taco dinner kit, but out of ground meat - soooo.... no tacos until I can get to a different store and get what I need. The slow cooker cola bbq chicken last night did not go over so well. Tonight is teriyaki grilled chicken and asparagus. I've literally been sitting for two years. As soon as the "stay at home" started I stopped trying to get my steps in. It was too hard. Mr. G was

To Squat or Not to Squat...

I've never been able to do squats because I have bad knees. As as in life, my bad knees that prohibit me from doing certain exercises are partially due to my weight! #catch22 There are so many aerobic moves that make my knees do nothing but click, and my really bad knee will sometimes give out on me. So, that brings me to my new purchase. I bought the DBMethod machine. It is essentially to help you do squats while keeping the pressure off of your joints. But it is an overall aerobic workout (so it says) and helps with your pelvic floor (again, something that not only age but weight destroys) I did 10 the other day and my legs were like jello after, I couldn't walk, LOL Today I did 30. I think my form is correct, and I could feel the burn in my thighs. (again, I hope that is what I should be feeling, lol) I will go up a little each day until I get where I should be for an ideal daily workout. I can be the guinea pig to see if this machine is worth the money, lol. It's small,

The Beginning

Just cutting out the pop (again) and trying to get 6 glasses of water in daily, as well as adding my protein shake back in as my lunch, I lost 2lbs this week. I'm still snacking on these little chocolates we have hanging around the house, as well as some chips or cheetos here and there - all things I need to stop. My problem is, if they are here, I will eat them. The willpower is non-existent, lol. But it's a start, and that's all that matters - I've started. Now just need to keep going!