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Those quarantine snacking memes are not wrong...sadly

Seriously folks... we are in this for another month! I am struggling.
I'm putting that out there. You are not alone in the snack struggle.
And due to being in this for another month, I think I'm going to have to make a better snack list for the husband. When we buy snacks, we are typically hungry, and bad things happen!
I looked in the mirror last night and my face is puffy! PUFFY! Ugh...

But the good news is, I just finished my protein shake and am ready to start making next week's snack list. And honestly, everyone freaked out that first week acting like everything would be shut down and we would all be locked indoors, that we grabbed every nonperishable thing we could find. And we've been eating them. We didn't buy fruits and veggies since we were under the impression that this was it, before the weekend was over, there would be no weekly shopping trips.
And yet there is!
I'm going to buy some fresh fruits and veggies today, and we actually found some fresh…

Week One and this is hard...

Hope you all are doing well, but how are you coping with trying to stay home?
I had a really bad food week.

I realized why I don't "stock up" on food like I used to before I adopted trying to eat healthy. My freezer was always full of boxed frozen items (chicken nuggets, waffles, pierogies, steakums, etc), and the panty boxed processed crap (mashed potatoes, stuffing, cookies). Well, we stopped buying a lot of that. A normal shopping trip now is us buying fresh ground meat and chicken breasts, fresh veggies and fruit, frozen broccoli and cauliflower (nothing with sauce on it).
What I have in my freezer and panty now makes me anxious and I don't like it. SO MANY CARBS. Ugh... I just can't.

And the stress has me buying a few pieces of chocolate and treats that I wouldn't normally.
I was so scared to step on the scale this morning, because pandemic or no pandemic, it is still Friday, and Friday is weigh in day.
I didn't gain a single pound from last week!!! …

Apple Cider Vinegar - have you tried it?

I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered Goli Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. I have tried to use AVC in the past, but couldn't stand the taste. (I tried it in tea, apple juice, and water, and nope, nope, and nope) I've recently run out of my daily supplement of Green Coffee Bean (GCB) and shipping is taking forever unfortunately. Well, over the last week I have noticed that I can't eat enough; I am so snacky and so hungry (more than usual). By Wednesday, I had had enough. I was eating too much for no reason. And just like my Nunna used to say, at night when I was watching tv, I wasn't hungry, but I was craving to "chew on something".

Granted, stress has been a huge factor this past week, and it will stay a factor, and let's face it, stress is always around us. I have to react better to it. And if ACV can help me not stress eat, I'll take it! 

I talked to a few folks who say this ACV works and tastes good. I won't say it is "yummy" (my probio…