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We all fall...

I have to admit, I haven't been doing great on the low carb/low sugar eating.
Not great at
I gave into a carb craving here and there, and now it's all I want.
I will admit, it's hard to cut back on carbs, I love my bread, and potatoes, and pasta... BUT the good news is, I have not gained anything back. Somehow, even though I've been enjoying low salt chips, bagels, and pasta, my weight has stayed the same. Bad news? I haven't lost anything more.

What this does tell me, is that I can eat the things I enjoy in MODERATION. I can go enjoy a pizza, or a delicious plate of pasta, or a night out at my favorite resturant, just not all in the same day and not EVERY day, lol.

I've still been watching my portions. For instance, if we do go out, I get a sandwich, and I only eat half, and take the rest home. It's a first step. Now, I need to get stronger about being better.

QOTD, are there Low carb bagels out there? And are they any good? #AskingForMe

The B-Side of life

You've heard of the B-side, right?
The B-side of a record, where the less popular songs were (or I guess we could even say audio tapes).
Well, the B-side of life is the side folks don't normally put out there. Sure, IG and FB show what's awesome in folk's lives, but do they ever show the B-side? Probably not.

Well, my B-side of life lately is my eating. It hasn't been great. Sure, I blamed losing my Grandmother earlier in the year, and that was a huge roadblock for me. But even though I felt like I dug my way out of that, I'm not sure that I did.

Not daily, but every few days I just feel like crap - to be more specific - I feel lazy, and hungry. I want junk food - fried and salty. Or my downfall - pizza.

I did SO GOOD last year at this time, but this year not so much. I'm sure it's a good thing that I recognize it, and most days I start off positive.

I have to do better. I have to plan and create healthy meals.

Sometimes it is hard to be that person tha…