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Made it to the weekend - whew!

It's Friday!


After consuming too many carbs during the Superbowl, I decided this week I would cut the carbs, and look to the weekend. Limit my carbs during the week, then eat some of my cravings on the weekends.
This was the wrong week to do that, lol... PMS week! It was rough. I was lucky that there was no chocolate in the house, and I was too lazy to go out to buy any. Because if it was here, I surely would've eaten it!
I felt like I was depriving myself of all that I so desperately wanted to eat. (I felt as dramatic as that sentence sounded, lol) and it was only 4 days!! haha!

But I drank my water, I tried to stay within my calories, and I ate chicken and veggies - NO STARCHES - for those four days. I still had my half of a bagel in the morning. And I was praying that after all that I actually lost weight this week, seeing as how it is pms week and I typically gain lots of water weight.
I had my Burton Nutrition vanilla protein shakes for lunch. I usually go with a b…