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Here We Go

I'm still plugging away over here.
Nothing new and exciting to report, still weighing in the same. But I feel better. I've been having a Burton Nutrition shake daily for lunch, and going to start having one as my dessert (to help stop the craving of the goodies my husband and son are having).
Next week I hope to start the gym, and Feb 6th I'll start a Burton Nutrition cleanse.
Burton Nutrition is doing a 90day challenge, but I don't think I'm ready for that. (I wish I was, but I just don't have the discipline yet) I'm not 100% saying no yet, but I think the deadline is coming up soon (and I might miss the deadline before I can convince myself, haha)

We had Blue Apron twice this week and it felt good to getting back to feeding my family a decent healthy meal. I can't wait to get back to that too (but Blue Apron is not cheap, and we can't order that every week)

I'm looking to see what next Friday brings - hopefully some weight loss!

Eating better = feeling better

Yesterday I stopped eating just because I wanted to (again).
I felt horrible after eating that way this weekend!
It was back to my Burton Nutrition protein shakes for lunch, and drinking all the water. As well as no snacking on junk. (I like KIND mini protein bars, they are 100 calories each and quench the sweet craving as well as salty, and are crunchy - I sometimes eat one late morning)

I can say I feel much better already!
And, yes, I will weigh in on Friday even though it's a bad week for me. I won't expect much till next Friday though.


Getting back to it this week...

I can honestly tell you, it does not feel very good to go waaay off your healthy eating plan.

I gave myself the weekend to eat whatever I was craving. That ended up being: Arby's, air fried french fries, a french toast bake, Starbucks, a sweet tea, potato chips and dip, lasagna with sauce.

Let's just say, NONE of the above foods gave my taste buds the pleasure that they used to. Now, I sit here bloated (well, for other reasons too) and not feeling any bit of delight after eating all of those delicious foods.
Lesson learned.
Tomorrow, I am going back to watching my carbs and sugar, and I'll be having my Burton Nutrition shake for lunch (and drinking my water).

What I have learned: if you want something, take one day and have that one treat. Then the next meal, get back to your eating right. Do not eat ALL the foods at one time! Pick and choose the ones you're really craving.

I just generally feel better when I eat right. And to think this is how I used to eat all day EV…

Last week of my relaxed attitude

I decided next week I will start watching how and what I am eating again.
That means no doughnuts, lol.
This week I am PMSing and that is making me crave things I haven't eaten in like eight months! (like chips and dip for example)
This week we bought a dozen doughnuts. There are three of us, so that is four doughnuts a piece (but I don't think I ate that many).

The big news is, somehow, with all the crap I've been eating and how hungry I have been, I still LOST A POUND!

How in the heck I did that, I have no idea - but I'll take it!!

This weekend we are indulging in pasta, because I've been craving it. But next week, we are back to low carb meals.

I do want to mention, through my journey, I've been giving myself one day about every two weeks to eat something I enjoy. That normally means either ordering pizza or going out to eat - because those are things I enjoy. And it works for me. But doughnuts were never on that plan, so they need to go away after this week…

Time to jump into 2019

If you know anything about me, you know that I've been on this #GettingHealthy journey since March 2018. My one year goal was/is 50lbs. My two year goal is 50more lbs, and my three year goal is 50 more lbs.
I was going strong until Thanksgiving. Man, the holidays were rough for me!
As hard as I tried to be good, I maintained my weight throughout New Years - which was NOT what I was trying to do! But I guess it's better than gaining weight?

I decided to start a blog, even if no one but me reads it, to stay accountable for my good or bad choices. And lately they have been leaning towards the bad-side. I got extremely low on my protein powder and didn't have the extra money for a new container yet.
And don't get me started on the water! Man, it's difficult in the winter to get my water in! (All I want is coffee)

So, between not having a protein shake daily and not getting all my water in, I feel like I'm failing.
I know I'm not. I haven't gained even a po…