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I hit my35lb goal last year before the holidays hit. Then my old friends cookies and pasta kicked my ass....Those 5lbs easily found there way back home and didn't want to leave!
Then stress came back to my life, and those 5lbs were making themselves quite at home.

Well, finally, in July, I decided to take charge again. I made a goal of 5k steps a day (mind you, most days I sit at home and work on the computer - like right now - so 5k steps can be challenging)  and I would even be happy with 4k steps. At least I am moving more.
In two weeks, that 5lbs was GONE.
Now I want them to stay away. I am back to having lost 35lbs and am proud of myself.
Today is Monday and a perfect day to start off the week positive and have a goal of seeing the pounds drop this week too.
It is one of those weeks where I will almost for sure be retaining water, but I refuse to let that stop me. (even though today I'm slow on the water intake - but I'll get it done)

Small wins are still wins.
My goa…

Friday Weigh-In Win

I've been back to my #gettinghealthy mindset for two weeks now. And it feels great!
I have to remind myself daily that getting healthy is a lifelong mindset. You have to learn how to eat, and for me, that is re-learning. Before, I ate what I wanted, when I wanted. If I wanted fast food for breakfast, I got it, and starbucks (whole milk and whipped cream), I got it, fast food for lunch, and pizza for dinner - yep. That's how I rolled.

My food cravings controlled me.

You just have to learn balance when it comes to eating. You can have a meal out once in a while, you can eat bread (hello - it's delicious! lol), you can have some chips at a party, or a summer night out for ice cream with the family. You just have to balance your day, or the days around it out. You go all out one day and eat too many calories, get up the next day and get back at it. This is for life, there are no short cuts. And can you really imagine NOT eating foods that you love for the rest of your life? Yo…

Friday Win

This week I got back on track with my healthy lifestyle.
I kept my calories in check, I drank my water, and I got in 4k-5k steps daily.
And it felt great.
Today was the pay off - weigh in day.
I dropped 4lbs from last week - granted, about half of that was water weight. But it helps me want to keep going.

Oh, did I mention my husband brought home sprinkle thumbprint cookies from the grocery store bakery yesterday??? My nemisis... whatever you want to call it. I LOVE thumbprint cookies - heck, you might as well have put a cupcake in front of me.
But, today was weigh in day, and I didn't want that lump of sugar (even though I did look up the calorie count of one cookie...I really did) to define my work for the week.
Maybe tonight I will have ONE.

Funny tidbit

A little admission to amuse you.

I found Burton Nutrition last year, and this program got me on my way to getting healthy. The owner of Burton Nutrition is one of my favorite Soap Stars (General Hospital's very own Steve Burton aka Jason Morgan, Sonny's right hand man...)

My original motivation was "I don't want to let my favorite soap star down!" as silly as it sounds, it worked for the first six months! LOL

But while I'm slipping now, I decided to put a screen shot of Steve Burton as my phone wallpaper, so everytime I look at my phone, he's staring at me, and either judging me or cheering me on, LOL...

It might be silly, but if it works, who cares? Right!

And if you are interested in trying anything from Burton Nutrition (the supplements, the protein powder, or the vitamins) use this link and get 10% off!

I haven't been around in a while

Sorry I haven't been blogging in a while...
I haven't been "feeling" like sticking to my healthy eating plan.
Now, I DO understand this is a lifestyle, not a diet. And some days are harder than others. Well, the last few weeks have been those kinds of days.
I decided yesterday, Monday, was a good day to re-start.
I woke up, ready and with a positive attitude.
Then the stress hit me like a brick wall.
I fought all day with myself... stress eat or stay on track. Well, I stayed on track, but didn't exercise at all. I did drink 6 glasses of water though - even though I was aiming for 8. But, I call it a win. I won over the stress.
Today is a new day, and the fight starts over every morning. You have to CHOOSE to be positive. You have to push aside the negative that tries to take over. Yesterday that was harder said than done, but I at least won the stress eating battle.
And one good day makes you want another, then another, then another. I can do this.

I never gained…