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No Bueno

Well, this week's weigh in was a bust. I didn't lost anything. But I knew that would be the case, because my whole body felt weighed down, like I was full of fluid. So I can only think the numbers on the scale weren't accurate.
I don't know why I felt so bloated all weekend? We've been eating a lot of bagels - maybe that's it.
I tried to drink my water this week, and thought I was doing pretty well.

All I can do is get back at it tomorrow.
That's all you can ever do - keep at it!

I was hoping to find something to replace water in the afternoon, something that would still hydrate me, but no luck yet.
Water can be hard sometimes...

What keeps me going is how far I've come. I realized since I started this journey in 2018, I've lost 2inches off my stomach, and 4 inches off my hips. It might be small, but it's something, and it has stayed off. Small victories, and time to keep at it for more results!

I have a goal, and I am determined to reach it!

Are you the Turtle or the Rabbit?

I'm the Turtle.
Slow and steady wins the race...

Lately I really feel like one! Since March. I admit, I got lazy - and I liked it! Who doesn't like sitting? A lot.
But as you can see from my posts, I started to watch what I was eating again. Adding lots of veggies and watching my portions. I never gave up, I just got lazy. It was easier. But it was time to get back into it.
It's working.
Down 2 more pounds. - Go Me! -

It makes me WANT to see those numbers drop on the scale each week.
It makes me look forward to weigh in day. Strange, right?

So, I gave myself a modified goal. I decided that once I reach my total weight loss goal, I will reward myself with a new tattoo that I not only want, but will remind me every day to never give up on being healthy.
It's going to take me about a year, give or take a few months, to reach at my slow-and-steady-pace but it will be worth it.
And will give me plenty of time to design the tattoo and save up for it.
Because I am w…