Are you the Turtle or the Rabbit?

I'm the Turtle.
Slow and steady wins the race...

Lately I really feel like one! Since March. I admit, I got lazy - and I liked it! Who doesn't like sitting? A lot.
But as you can see from my posts, I started to watch what I was eating again. Adding lots of veggies and watching my portions. I never gave up, I just got lazy. It was easier. But it was time to get back into it.
It's working.
Down 2 more pounds. - Go Me! -

It makes me WANT to see those numbers drop on the scale each week.
It makes me look forward to weigh in day. Strange, right?

So, I gave myself a modified goal. I decided that once I reach my total weight loss goal, I will reward myself with a new tattoo that I not only want, but will remind me every day to never give up on being healthy.
It's going to take me about a year, give or take a few months, to reach at my slow-and-steady-pace but it will be worth it.
And will give me plenty of time to design the tattoo and save up for it.
Because I am worth it...and so are you.
XOXO - Be Safe!