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Force yourself to get back up

I took a week off from trying to get to the gym, because sometimes a girl has to. Sometimes you need a few slow days. And honestly, on Sunday and Monday I could barely function! I am not sure why. I just felt like I had been hit by a train, so I took the time to recuperate.

But, I did try to get my 5k in steps almost every day. I managed to do it almost every day this week. It's a choice, and even though I don't have the energy for the gym, I can set aside some time each hour to get in steps and raise my heart rate.

I'm going to have to push myself to get back at it next week, but I will. I want it,so I will do it.

the new Fitbit app - rubbish

Oh boy...
So this week I made it to the gym twice this week (so far, today is a possibility).
I tried the ab machine yesterday, and I felt the burn - but I wondered... is it worth doing an ab machine when you are round and have a belly? lol... I'm not looking to get a six-pack, I just want to burn calories and work muscles. So, for now, I'll keep doing it.

Yesterday after the gym, I went to add my water intake to my Fitbit app. It "updated" as soon as I opened it (I had used it earlier in the day with no change). Once updated it was UGLY. (I don't like change, SO in typical Melody-style, I got very annoyed)

I liked the one-glance, add from the home screen, easy look. The tiles. Now it is more detailed and "data-friendly" as they like to say. I am not a data person. I don't want to have to take a lot of time to chart my food or water, or whatever. That's why going to Kid-Shape with my son years ago failed me. We had to write everything down in a …

Keep on keeping on

I made it to the gym yesterday even though I was dealing with a migraine and a wicked hot flash.
Planned on it today, but today's hot flash is rough... I feel like the surface of the sun you guys!

So, I'll work to get my 5K steps around the house today, and hit the gym tomorrow.
At least I'm honest, right?

#doingitforme #dontgiveup

Out of the Darkness Walk 2019 - American Foundation for Suicide Awareness

On Saturday, we walked in the Out of the Darkness walk in Pittsburgh.

We had a team of 10 people,
and we walked in memory of our close family friend, Ricky Banas.

Ricky was always laughing and joking (even as inappropriate as some of his jokes were, LOL!)

None of us saw this coming...
He was one amazing guy. He was like an older brother to all of us kids on the street. And Saturday, two of those "kids", who are now grown with families, walked in memory of him.

My son was lucky enough to get to know Ricky. He got to have him in his life for 14 years.

We even met up with a few of Ricky's family and friends at the walk.

And I'll be there every year.

The walk was along the riverfront, so along with beautiful views, it was about a 5k. I wish I could say that I did the whole 5k, but I only did half. It was hot, and most of our group wanted to stop after the first half. Next year I will do the whole 5k.
Bring it on 2020!!

Our team, Team Ricky, raised $400 for the AFSP. I&#…

Day 2 at the gym

Yes, it's been about a week, but today was day 2 at the gym.
I'm still getting used to the atmosphere, and the machines. I'm taking it slow, even though there are machines that I want to try.
I'll get there,

Day One at the gym

Today was Day One at the gym. I am embarrased to day that I joined our local Planet Fitness LAST YEAR with my husband, in the hopes that we would go together. We never did.
And I'm managing 5K steps a day just being at home, but I really would like to see 10K per day. So today, I was there. The staff didn't show me around like I thought they would, seeing as I was brand new. So I stuck to the treadmill, just trying to get my steps in. After one hour, it shut off and sent me to a cool down (I didn't reach 10K yet)
I then walked around to see what other equipment they had. I see a lot of folks on the elliptical, but I don't like it. I tried it at the YMCA (when it was still open) and it made me nauseous.
Then I decided to try the Hydra-Massage, because I have had normal massages by massage therapists, and they are extremely relaxing. The Hyra-Massage table at Planet Fitness was NOT relaxing at all...I thought it was AWFUL.
My old chiropractor had a water table (I think i…