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Feb 28th

I can say that over the last few months, we went back to eating some frozen items. Things like french fries (even though I really do prefer to make them from scratch myself) and other frozen breaded sides. I still avoid frozen chicken nuggets like the plague, and frozen meals.
Well, I'm pretty sure we are seeing the effects of our bad choices. My husband's bp is up again.

We don't eat fast food, and I don't use a lot of salt in cooking. (not over the last year)

Looks like the family will have to eat the fresh, homemade version of french fries or nothing for now on, lol...

We are trying to get healthy, and even though I've dropped the ball over the last few months we're getting back on track.

I had a goal of 50lbs per year for two years. I didn't meet my goal, so instead of calling it a failure, I just revised my plan. 30lbs year 1 = done. 50lbs year 2, and 50lbs year 3.
And I'm doing it all myself by changing how I eat, and adding in exercise, and gett…

Turning a corner

Next week, I am getting back to #GettingHealthy
I need that. While I've been eating whatever I think was going to make me feel better, it has only made me feel worse. I felt good when I was eating healthier. I need to get back to that.

Last night was a break through, as far as I'm concerned. We ordered pizza. It wasn't the pizza that I wanted, which never makes it a good money decision (just order the thing you want! I'll never learn...)
My husband and I decided that for the immediate future, instead of splurging on take-out pizza, we'll make something "not so healthy" at home. I started a list after I was totally dis-satisfied with the pizza, lol.
And we have an air-fryer, so we're going to try to make our own breaded mushrooms and breaded zucchini.
I think I'm just tired of spending money on food and being disappointed.
Anyone else ever feel this way?

Failing but not done.

Well, this past week I have failed. My eating has been so bad.
The stress has been overwhelming. My Grandmother (whom I was very close to and actually helped take care of the last two years, and took her shopping once a week for the last 5 out of 7 years) took a turn for the worst.
Worrying and waiting proved difficult to not crave food. I tried, I really did.
Then things went from bad to worse on Saturday evening, and at 94 years old, my grandmother passed away. Those words still don't make any sense to me. It doesn't seem real.
But the carb cravings got fierce. I tried to keep them at bay. I tried to drink my water, and not snack. Then while watching a Hallmark movie, where the main characters were eating grilled cheese, I got weak and made one for myself (mind you, I don't eat lunch, I just have a protein shake). Yes. Grilled cheese. Then I felt bad, so I tried to get some steps in, and even did 10 minutes of cardio (baby steps).
But today, husband and I both admitted w…

I'm trying...but this week, I'm weak.

Last weekend we had my son's birthday party. I wasn't even going to buy chips, so I wouldn't have an opportunity to eat them. I made a veggie tray and dip, a veggie pizza, and spinach dip. So many veggies!
My list said pretzels, and maybe chips. In my mind, that meant ONE bag of each. I even started a Walmart order (which I then cancelled due to my husband going to the store instead). I had ONE bag of generic pretzels on it (they were on sale). I did order a bag of Veggie Straws, and my husband wanted one from Sam's Club. So the Veggie Straws would be for the party, instead of chips. I was set! It was all going to help me not eat like I know that I shouldn't.
(BTW, I love chips. If I had to pick chips or a donut, I'd pick chips everytime - which is why I don't keep them in my house)
My husband comes home with: bag of pretzels, cheetos, bbq chips, chips, two bags of tortilla chips, Sam's Club Veggie Straws (like this bag could feed a football team), and …

Another pound bites the dust

Well, I tried to do the hardest food plan on the FitBit app, and failed. It was a 1000 calorie deficit. I knew it would be challenging, it is called the most DIFFICULT plan, so....
But right now, at this point in my journey, I'm not ready for it. So I went back down to the "kinda-difficult" one (which is to lose 1.5lbs a week).
Everyday I was slightly above my calorie limit, and instead of feeling like I failed daily, I decided to just change the plan, and aim to stick to it. It's all a mind-set really.

But I am finding it being winter, this is more difficult than it was in the warmer weather. I am not craving raw carrots and water like I did when it was warmer. I am sure this is all just something I need to get myself used to. Instead of indulging on salty carb snacks (because chips and crackers are what I crave), I just need to train my body to want good-for-me snacks.

The good news is, I dropped 1.5lbs this week. As long as the number keeps going down, I'm sat…