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For any of you Burton Nutrition or General Hospital Folks

So, last night I went to see Stone Cold and the Jackal and it was a blast, but today we're back to real life. The Stone Cold and the Jackal show was really funny. They talked a lot about General Hospital, and teased and picked on the stories and the characters. I loved it. Mr. G was lost. After the 90minute show, the VIP ticketholders were to line up for the meet and greet. Seriously, grown women are worse than any child in these situations!! Instead of everyone just getting up and getting in line by their table, women rushed from all over, trapping folks like us in our booth. We had to "merge" into the already formed line (which they were not happy about). I immediately started to feel unsteady, but there's nothing new about that. So I kept trying to hold on to chairs. But, I gradually became nauseated and dizzy. I seriously thought I was going to pass out! I still don't know if it was because of it being too stuffy in there, or all the people around me, or maybe …

Feeling good today

I had a great/healthy day yesterday.
Coffee with protein powder - breakfast
Protein shake - lunch
Mini Kind bar - snack
Chicken and lots of mushrooms and zucchini - dinner
Olly Bar Protein Perfection Birthday Cupcake (plant based cookie treat) - dessert

The Olly Bar was delicious, better than most protein bars. But it does have chia seeds, flax seeds, and Quinoa in it.
Oddly enough, I never felt hungry yesterday, and today I woke up feeling great.

Celebrate the good days and stay positive on the bad ones, remember, you can turn your day around with the very next meal.

The B-Side of Life

Sorry it's been a while since my last post.
I need to admit that these last few months have been rough for me. Probably the worst out of the last 14months.
This post is what my good friend likes to call the B-Side of my life.
I'm not perfect. And as hard as I try to keep up the healthy living, it isn't always easy. But who wants to read about that? And I sure don't want to post about that, lol. But here we are...

Christmas threw me off. I ate cookies and potatoes and loved it all. But when the New Year came, I was ready to get back on track. And then that didn't happen. And then my Grandmother's health declined. I was home all day everyday, and we still had cookies and goodies around. And I ate my feelings. (I do much better when the junk food ISN'T in the house. Why? Well, because I am mostly too lazy to go out to the store to buy more, so if it's not here, I won't eat it.)
I was stressed and sad, and I snacked.
When my Grandmother passed away, I a…