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My husband often picks on me because I now only eat a half of a bagel for breakfast and my coffee (with creamer - the way I like it). Half a frozen bagel.
That's because I like my bagels. And I like my coffee. And this way I can have what I enjoy, just a smaller portion. And over time, it has become enough. Yes, I have days that I think I want the other half, but I don't make it. I just drink my coffee, and as the minutes go by, I no longer want that other half.
I make sure I eat that even if I am running out to do errands.

That is one small step you can take towards getting healthy.
Not denying myself helps me not go way off my diet because I am not craving things I enjoy.
But, having my bagel (which I really enjoy) even on days I need to go do running, also keeps me from eating a bag of chips for breakfast, lol, or stopping at a fast food place.

Find something small you can change and start there. Then slowly cut back on other things. If you go out (which you should cut back on, obviously) eat half your meal and take the rest home.
You'll still get to eat what you love, but not overdo it.

Somehow I didn't gain even a pound over Christmas, and I ate what I liked. I just didn't eat until I thought I was going to pop, lol, like I usually do. So, there's got to be something to this.
Now for me to get back to the healthy choices and get off this plateau.


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