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Coffee Talk

Do you ever have those days where you get an idea, and you focus on it all day? Yesterday was one of those days for me.

My Dad was talking about flavored coffee creamer, and how it is really not so great for your health. I got home and it bugged me all night - because I love my flavored coffee creamer. And I'm slowly learning that it isn't very healthy for you (as tasty as it is).

Today I have spent most of my morning researching different brands of coffee creamer and their ingredients. What brand do you use? What brand do you like? Anyone have a secret recipe they created and would like to share? I am all ears!

My thought of the day is trans fats... I've narrowed it down to Califia Farms dairy free creamer. Now, the difficult part will be finding where I can buy it. I know for sure that my local grocer, that I frequent many times a week, does not carry it.

Do you use this brand? Is it any good? As soon as I find it I'll let you know...because I am very picky about my flavored creamer. I like coffee because of what I put in it, not necessarily for the coffee. (I would never drink black or no sugar coffee, that's just not me)

So this is my new focus, changing my coffee habits. THIS is going to be a tough one, but I am thinking about heart health.

We just bought a couple during a sale, so once those are gone, I'll be trying not to buy that brand any more. But that requires finding a good substitute, because I need my coffee, lol.

Do you worry about what you put in your coffee? Or is that the one thing you let yourself have? I was doing the latter. But now I'm not convinced that is the best thing for me.


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