Stop right there! Drop the snack!

Well, the first two weeks of this mess, I've been stress eating, and emotional eating, and eating because I was not necessarily bored but not able to go out anywhere. Oh, the snacks that we had in the house...these were things we hadn't bought in a couple years! Yeah, we might buy ONE Hostess Cupcake package and split it, but this time we bought a big ol' box from Sam's Club! (so bad....)
I only ate two...packages.
And I gained a few pounds too. Could've been water weight, but I don't care, I don't want to see the pounds increasing!
My face does look puffy and I hate that. I was finally getting more of a heart shape to my chubby face and I was so proud of that. So...I need to get back to where I was. I can't let this madness win!
So this week I took back my control. I limited my portions. I still had a dessert, and a few days I still had a little bag of chips (we bought WISE chips this time, and I was surprised to see how few ingredients they have. I'm going to have to check and see if they have less than other chips.) and today...I LOST 2.5lbs!
I'm still 2lbs heavier than I was at my lowest so far, but I'm not mad about that. I'm just getting back to it and getting it done.
The secret? I have to DRINK MY WATER... I haven't been doing that lately. I barely drink 3 glasses a day, I should be drinking 6-8+
Seriously, the water makes all the difference. It makes you feel full and not want to stress eat.