Week One Weight In

Week One, Weigh In Day!

I was eager to do it yesterday but held off until today. And I lost 4.5lbs! YAY!!

I am sure it was all water weight, but I'll take it! Every pound lost gives me more incentive to keep going. And if I keep going I will get back to pre-pandemic weight and I will really feel good about that.

Of course pre-pandemic weight means figuring out how to get past that nasty plateau that I had hit. That might mean adding more veggies to my life and less carbs, or adding more exercise.

The first week back at it started off rough. I knew the choices that I needed to make, I just wanted the bad choices, lol. But I pushed through, and drank my water. Even tried to get some steps in. I added my protein shakes back as my lunch. I now need to find some other recipes. I have one that I like and drink it every time. It's the Elvis Shake, Peanut Butter and Banana! Salty and sweet - best of both worlds! But if I'm going back to a shake everyday, I think it will benefit me to have some options. (I'm a creature of habit and if I find something I like I eat it ALL the time, until that fateful day when I am suddenly sick of it, lol)

I was reminded how much I enjoy a good taco salad this week as well. I'll be adding that to my dinner list. Talk about easy!

As unappealing as counting calories is, it helps to understand what you are putting into your body. And Mr. G found these pita pockets at Sam's Club, on clearance, they are all healthy and stuff with flax seed or something in them, and only 60 calories per pita! (that's half the calories of a normal pita pocket - and I do love pita pockets)

Tomorrow is the weekend and I am more relaxed with my weekend rules. (it keeps me sane)

The only time I was hungry this week was between lunch and dinner. Apparently I'm not eating enough of the right foods. I still need to work on that. But I am a work in progress! Nothing to be ashamed of!

And for the first time in probably a year, our refrigerator is full of healthy things. Various containers of leftover grilled chicken, fruits, veggies, pita pockets, salad fixings. (there's even a pineapple in there)

My family might not agree with me, but I could eat grilled chicken every day!

It hasn't been easy to drink all my water, but I've been trying. I mean plain water, ick... Unless I'm really thirsty, it's just not my first choice in the drink department, lol.

And sure, sometimes I find myself thinking there's got to be a faster and easier way to drop the pounds. A short cut. But knowing the person that I am, short cuts won't work. Slow and steady, one pound at a time while learning how to eat the foods I like and NOT over indulging is what I need to do for me. I can't stop eating solid foods, or intermediate fast, or cut out all sugar...or whatever the latest fad is. What I am doing is working and I just have to get to it.

So, water, calorie counting, and steps...I'm getting back on track and loving it.

If I can do this, you can do this.