Eating in 2020 - in other words, the Pandemic Diet

Eating in 2020 - in other words, the Pandemic Diet?

I don't know about you, but in this house, we got real comfortable eating junk again. Before this virus crashed all of our lives, I was refusing to bring boxed, frozen, and preservative packed foods into our house.
But, then the virus reigned havoc down on the grocery aisles.
Typical things I was so used to buying were nowhere to be found. And even now, have you noticed how everything is so much more expensive then it was last year? I can spend $100 and have no idea what I really bought, and still only have 1 or 2 dinners out of all that food.
And even Sam's Club. I always counted on them for chicken and ground meat. Over the past few months it's been a guessing game on if they will even have any. (and the last time we bought their chicken it was really gross. It was tough and chewy no matter how you cooked it - ew)

Are you able to find the things you want from the grocery stores? Has your eating habits changed?

Back in March I hated the idea of having so many carbs in our house, but we weren't sure what was going to happen in the world and what was going to be available next time we went to the store.
Well, we ate all those carbs, and wanted more. We got comfortable eating the things that hadn't even entered out house in two years.
Pringles were my new snack of choice. And Little Debbie snack cakes were my husband's.
Let's not forget about ordering take-out because I was getting tired of cooking.

We used to go to a restaurant no more than once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. But we still don't feel safe to do that, even though they are open again for dining.

I know we aren't along in the stress/Pandemic eating. And everyday I was aware how bad it was for us. But now it was habit and we were enjoying it.

Until this week.

I started back on my lunchtime protein shakes, trying to get my water in, and counting my calories. It was hard to re-start. Like, really hard. I was hungry. But I did my best to not eat after 8 or 9pm. It's not easy. But it'll never get easier if I don't keep trying.

That means we now have lots of fruit to snack on instead of crackers and chips.

So, if you need me, I'll be over here craving Pringles and my husband will be wishing he had a snack cake, while we instead eat grapes and bananas. I might be cranky, but I'll be breaking the cycle, LOL.