I'm stuck...

I'm stuck...

The scale has not moved in the last 3 weeks. I mean, it's good it didn't go up, but it just stayed the same. And that is disheartening. I can't pinpoint what I need to change. I've been doing my shakes, watching the junk (depriving myself of things I want and making better choices), and eating more salads.

The only things I can think of is I'm not exercising and some nights I've been breaking my own rule and eating a snack after 8pm.

Granted, I did eat some lunchmeat yesterday. Maybe I'm retaining water from that.
I wish I could go to the gym, but I'm not comfortable yet due to COVID. Yes, I'm over cautious about it (and that's my choice) but I wish things were back to normal. I liked using the treadmill and then a few machines like the Ab thingy.

I try not to let the scale own me, but watching numbers drop is more motivation then numbers staying the same.
I need to get outside and walking.

Motivation is key - right? I am motivated. But I need to see the numbers move. (down, preferably, lol)
I wonder do I need to do a cleanse to jump-start my weight loss?
I've been busy working on new books, which requires sitting, all day. And by the time I take a break, it is only to make dinner. But I need to force myself to make that change and get some exercise in my day.

It's Friday, and I'll cut myself a little slack this weekend, but I think I'll try to stick to healthy eating for most meals. And it's a long weekend here. But I have to try - for me.

Make good food choices and stay safe!