How's your week going?

I was determined to be good this week. (Wait, you say that today is only Monday? Okay, I guess what I mean is since LAST Monday. I have no idea what that says about time as far as I'm concerned. Does that mean the days are going very slow and blending together?)

Let me start over... Last week I tried to be good. I counted my calories and drank my water. But, I didn't get off the couch, and each day I failed once. One day it was when I ate one little piece of cheese. That turned into a lot of cheese. lol... One day it was stress led to me (after having a really good day) eating cookies. But, I did drop 3lbs last week. All water weight I am pretty sure (because I retain water in my one leg anytime I even look at something high in sodium. It sucks. Because I am a potato chip girl through and through.) But it's still loss!

This weekend I just ate what I wanted (which is my weekend motto). Today I started off positive. But, by lunch (which ended up being later than normal, so I was REALLY hungry, and pretty sure that was the problem, but I couldn't control that) instead of eating well, I ate a slice of leftover pizza. Oh well... (and pretty sure that has at least half my days worth of calories in it, if not more) Tomorrow is another day!

And that's how it's going. Day to day, meal to meal... But always trying to drink my water. 

Tomorrow I am going to try to get some steps in. Something I literally have not done since March (oh, that's hard to admit!) I am going to start slow, because the smallest activity exhausts me now (because I'm lazy/out of shape). I need to change that. I don't know what step count I am aiming for. If I go out to the store during the day, I can typically hit 2,500 steps (yeah, I am that sedentary now) So maybe I'll look for 2,500 while I'm just sitting at home. Once I hit that, I'll up it 500 steps. And continue on like that until I'm back to getting 4,000-5,000 steps daily. Then I really have to work on hitting 10,000. I mean, going to the gym that is a piece of cake. Staying home around the house, not so much!

So, this week:


Keep track of my calories

Start moving each day.