It's 2021 - time to get back at it

 Monday Jan 4, 2021 I am getting back to getting healthy.

It's true that I stepped back during the pandemic and stay at home mandates. I was sad, I was depressed, I was frustrated, and I was bored. I got lazy. And that was okay. But it was temporary.

I have to get back to where I was. Counting calories and watching what I'm eating, along with drinking my water and moving. It's been a long ten months (wait, I think it's 11 now?) of sitting on the couch and ordering out because I needed some comfort food due to my blue mood.

I'm convinced once I feed my body better that I will feel better.

And I know tomorrow is going to be difficult. But I will take it meal by meal, and make sure that I drink my water! I'll have to restock the fridge with veggies. But I'm excited to restart. 

Yesterday I froze the remaining Christmas cookies. It's harder to eat them when they're frozen, lol.

I also have to dig-in on my new WIP (work in progress). That means focus. On getting healthy and my writing. New Year, new me - kind of. I'm focusing back on my Burton Nutrition to be the Me that I want to be!

I found a few vegetable recipes on Pinterest I want to try, but if you have any you'd like to share, I am always all ears!

I got this - one meal at a time...