New Year New Me!


New Year - New Me

I know we all say this EVERY New Year's Day, but this year I really mean it.

I've done it before, I buckled down and focused on my health. I know I can do it again.

That year I dropped 30lbs. Since then I've yo-yo'd up and down between there and the 10 more pounds mark. Lucky for me, I did not gain back the 30lbs I lost. Trust me, I don't want them back! EVER!

But this year, so many things messed me up. Call it the curse of a miserable 2020, Due to Covid, Covid Depression, the Pandemic Blues...but the one thing I won't call it is laziness. While I WAS lazy, it was because I wasn't feeling good. I was sad, I was cranky, I was feeling like the walls were closing in on me. Cabin Fever? I grew tired of cooking EVERY single day. I grew tired of creating a menu every week. I really grew tired of the grocery shopping in a mask!

My mood has been down, and that influenced my need for comfort food.

But I am ready to change all that - and that is key - you need to be ready to make the change.

I actually feel bad because of how awful I'm eating. And that's how I know I'm ready.

So, regardless of how crappy 2021 decides to be, I am making some changes.

It won't be easy, but I won't let 2021 define me...