How it's Going

I need to say it's not going well here. I am at a standstill. The stress of the staying at home due to the pandemic is taking its toll. I'm giving myself a little slack for now. But this way of snacking can't last forever and I know that. Within the week I will start back at square one. And that's the hardest part.

I know from experience that the first two weeks are the hardest, and when I restarted a few weeks ago, that first week got me.

Sure, it's hard when you're good all week and on Thursday someone in the house orders from Panera and you think "why not?" but then you get sucked in to the bad foods, and things can spiral out of control very easily. But picking yourself up off the ground and starting over is a choice. I'll be trying again next week. Because I know I can do this.

I wish I was one of those people who had nothing better to do during the pandemic but work out, but with everyone home, it's been more like I don't leave the couch because our house is kind of small. I'm hoping the weather warms up a little soon and I can get some walking in.

Because I can do this. I've set a goal for myself a year out. And I can do this!