If you fall, brush yourself off and get back up...

 I'm just going to say it - THIS IS HARD.

There, now you shouldn't feel bad if you have been feeling the same way.

I realized why I have such a hard time getting back to healthy eating after the holidays. I mean, sure, Thanksgiving and Christmas are a loss. There's so much good food in that span of a month. then leftovers from Christmas, and then snacks from New Years. Then my son's birthday. So, cake... then Valentine's Day = candy. 

It's no wonder I can't get back into things until late February!

But I did try this week. I got back to a shake for lunch. I noticed a difference in how I felt doing just that. Next week I'll add some exercise again, less carbs, and less sugar. Stress isn't doing me any favors, and I eat when I'm stressed.

But, I lost 2.5 lbs this week - I'll take it!

Baby steps...I think that's where I'm at. This pandemic life has me off the rails with my eating. It's the stress. And if we are in this for another year, I'm in real trouble! I can't keep eating like this! I am getting my double chin back and I am NOT happy about it! I REFUSE to have a double chin again!

But how I am going to do this is a mystery. 

I'm thinking of trying another food delivery service. I hate trying to come up with healthy meals, especially ones that take hours to make and you have leftovers for days, but too bad NO ONE is eating it.

I used to feel good about where I was going. I no longer feel that way. I used to look at my slimming face in the mirror and smile. I couldn't stop looking! Now I see my face and my body and I can't get away from the mirror fast enough!

I also know I am the only one that can change my direction.

And it is HARD!!!!