Back at Square One - but it's a good thing

Today is my new Day One

I'm ready to get back at my #HealthyLifestyle I will be the first to admit that during the Pandemic I've gotten way off track. I gained 15lbs since March 2020. I'm not proud, but I'm not mad either. With how I was eating that should've been much higher, lol.

I woke up, weighed in, drank 16oz of water before I even started my day. Had my coffee and Protein Oatmeal for breakfast. 

I tried a new creamer, and I'm not a fan. Super Creamer Vanilla. It's a weird sweet (think less cream, more sweet) I think I'll stick with my way too many calories creamer and just take the hit on my total calories for the day.

Speaking of calories, that's what I follow. I find a set amount of calories for the amount of weight I want to lose, and I add that in my FitBit app. I keep track of everything I eat (good or bad) and at the end of the day I can see if I went over (the point is to try to not go over) or if I kept to plan. So I don't lie when it comes the the calories in my creamer. (Some days it's my one guilty pleasure, so I'm okay with it)

I started this journey in 2018. I didn't meet my goal, but I did drop 35lbs, and only once the Pandemic hit did I gain 15lbs back. It's been tough with everyone home, I feel less able to move around the house, exercise, and get my steps in. 

But enough is enough. It's time to just do what I need to do for me.