Hit a snag...

I am pretty sure that I threw my back out yesterday.

I don't know what I could've done. Except, I just started while I was walking (I get my steps while watching television) I was taking larger steps, working harder and raising my heart rate in the process. Maybe that's what did it, I dunno...but I can't do much of anything at the moment. So my plan to start exercising more has hit a snag today. Sadly.

I'm hoping I can take care of this on my own. I used to have a chiropractor but he has since stopped practicing.

Here's hoping I feel better tomorrow or the next day. Trying to eat right. Funny how hard that is to do when you aren't feeling well. Feeling bad has me wanting comfort foods...which is never good. (I love bread and salty snacks...)

I just forced myself to eat carrots and PB since I was snacky. At least I avoided the comfort foods, lol. Now to keep it up for the rest of the day, gah! I better just count those calories closely and stay within my numbers.