Week Two - keep on truckin'

Week Two - Day One

Okay, one week down, and I got through it. But if I didn't want it so much, today I'd throw in the towel. Why? Because I am craving every bad food. I know this will pass, I just have to stick to it.

Easier said that done, huh?

I don't know about you, but I have some guilty pleasure tv shows (yes, I enjoy watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians...don't judge) I see these ladies eating LOTS of salads, but they do indulge in good/tasty looking foods too. So I am wondering if I am missing something in my Getting Healthy plans. 

Yes, I am counting calories and drinking my water and trying to get "some" steps in. And when I say steps, I mean since the pandemic, I dropped to like 1K steps a day - IF I WAS LUCKY! Gah! So I've been aiming for 3-4k per day. 

You have to understand, it is still winter here and cold outside (today it is slightly warmer, so maybe the weather will break sooner than later). I try to write or market most of the day, so I am sitting. But I'm trying. Limited to my little living room, if I can manage 3-4K steps a day I call it a win - BUT maybe that isn't good enough?

Maybe I need to exercise MORE to allow me to eat small portions of the things that I enjoy?

I mean, since starting this a few years ago, I didn't cut out those foods that I enjoy. I mean, hello, no pizza? Are you nuts? lol... but maybe I need to put more effort in if I want to eat that stuff. After all, I need to learn how to eat in real life (not dieting all the time) and NOT gain weight. THAT is what a healthy lifestyle is. 

I mean, no one can diet their entire, or maybe they can, lol. I just know that I can't. I like pizza, burgers, chips, and cake. (my lifelong dilemma, I want to be skinny, but I love food, lol!)

And I practice a "On Saturdays we don't count calories" motto. I enjoy a few foods that I craved during the week, but still try to watch the portion. Just so I don't break and pig out on those desired foods.

So week one, I kicked butt counting calories, drinking my water, and taking baby steps to getting my, well, steps in.

Week two I need to kick it up a little. I am not promising anything, but I'm going to try.

And if we ever get the next stimulus check, I'm getting a floor weighted punching bag for not only cardio, but stress relief! (I wanted one in May/tax return time when I was freaking out with everyone home, and it's a long story why I am still waiting) - I am not going to a gym. I have no desire to with the pandemic. (I didn't like it before the pandemic!)

What do you think? Does all the workouts the Kardashians do help keep the weight off instead of constant dieting? (I know they have personal trainers, but if I can force myself to be a little more accountable for my exercise...)

Do you eat and work out? Or do you just diet and count calories?